dear business builder

Less than 5% of all Entrepreneurs examine themselves and their leadership style…before there’s a crisis. Actually my estimate is 2%, but this is totally anecdotal. Feel free to dispute it, but please, only after looking in the mirror.

This is a major oversight.

As the founder, originator, and business builder, you will exert more influence on the future of your business than any other person. And yet, as obvious as this may be, your energy and focus will be pointed elsewhere, especially during the formative years.

Am I wrong?

Think of this oversight as a disease. It begins in the background, easily drowned out by other matters more exciting, more pressing. It grows unnoticed. There are signs (plans that sputter, opportunities missed, and teams that don’t come together) but the business nonetheless moves forward.

And then there’s a crisis.

This could be small and internal or monumental and far reaching. Either way, it could have been mitigated or avoided. But there’s something to consider even more universal.


Think of cost in terms of lost effectiveness and efficiency. Before any crisis there are lots of could-have-beens; mile markers that could have been reached, projects that could have been pursued, teams that could have been built, if only you’d had the right people and been able to execute more proficiently.

Here’s the bottom line.

There is nothing you can do that has more leverage or a higher ROI than developing your leadership style. Nothing. Your footprint will forever be the biggest because it’s the first.

The challenge.

To take this seriously. Most other business builders won’t do this, ever. Think of it as an inoculation against a disease you don’t (yet) know you have. A preemptive strike with very real competitive advantage.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the value of not having a train wreck?

  • What’s the value of real efficiency?

  • What’s the value of becoming a leader that others want to follow?

Where do we start?

By Exploring who you are, what you’re good at, and what you most like to do, innately and in the context of your business. As you’ll Discover, leadership style doesn’t come out of thin air. It comes directly out of you. The process of exploration and discovery produces many tangibles and intangibles but the critical take-away is insight…not mine, yours! What counts, what leads to meaningful leadership Action, is your analytical and intuitive understanding of who you are, what gifts you possess, and what you really like to do.

I look forward to getting to know you.